Membership Composition

Some of the sectors that to say supermarkets and markets and other sectors which include Hardware, electronics, used clothes, footwear, garments, stationery, foods and beverages, money transactions, cosmetics, agriculture, furniture kitchen, construction, transportation, consultants, automotive, general merchandise, associate members(other sectoral business associations and groups) and corporate members which include banks, insurance companies, law firms, health facilities among others

In reference to our intended objectives where we are focusing at promoting locally manufacturing products as well as supporting local manufacturers to have their products on most Ugandan market and supermarkets shelves and stalls, we will intend to bring on board all our members in that sector especially in supermarkets which include but not limited to the following Senana supermarket, Mega supermarket, Standard supermarket, Free man supermarket, Game, Kenjoy supermarket, Capital shoppers supermarket, Queens supermarket Makerere, Shoprite clock tower, Luxuryimpex supermarket, Standard supermarket garden city, Luisun supermarket, Millenium supermarket, Carrefour Uganda- Oasis mall, Savers supermarket, Tesco supermarket, Choice and choice supermarket, Kumar supermarket, Sharma supermarket, Cynibel supermarket, Best supermarket, Tuskys Bwaise, Eagle supermarket associate groups (other sectoral business associations and groups)and corporate groups such as banks, insurance companies, law firms, health facilities among others.

With markets we intend to work with all our city council regulated and well established markets for example Nakasero market, Owino market, Nakawa market, New Wandegeya market, Usafi market, Kibuye market, Nateete market, Busega market, Kalerwe market, New Kasubi market, KCCA Makindye division urban council, Kampala Capital City Authority, Kikuubo whole sale market, Nakulabye market, Ntinda market, Kansanga vendors market, Nabweru market, African village, Mpelerwe vegetable market, Bugoloobi market among others.

We intend to make thorough participatory research and engagements together with both local manufacturers and the above markets and supermarkets.

Our prime intention is to establish enabling environment for our local manufacturers as we understand all the determining factors that would enable locally manufacturing goods to be on the shelves which would include but not limited to pricing, standard (quality), capacity (quality), packaging (branding), transportation and storage, nature of goods among others.