KACITA Uganda Executive Leadership

KACITA management philosophy is based on responsibility, learning and creativity. KACITA is governed by the board of directors.

The board provides strong leadership ability.

The board members are as follows:

Thadeus Musoke Nagenda
Mr. Thadeus Musoke Nagenda
Chair / Secretary General

He is the Association’s Acting Chair / Secretary General.

He is the Director of Mpoma Royal Schools in Mukono, Director at Ketra Giants Ltd among others.

Hope Katwiine
Ms. Hope Katwiine
Vice chairperson

Ms. Hope is a founder member of KACITA and she has passion in business. Before she was elected the vice chairperson of KACITA, Hope was the former Chairperson of KACITA co-operative Finance LTD. She is a hand-on business lady, a manufacturer and an importer. Her experience in business is an incredible resource and it facilitates her role in the association. She is also the chairperson of KAWEL (KACITA Women’s’ Entrepreneurship League).

Mr. Baguma Timothy
Finance Director

Mr. Baguma is the Finance Director heading the finance department.

He is the owner of Street Feet Shoes brand. Street feet is one of the biggest brands in the footwear industry in Uganda.

His interpersonal skills and positive attitude facilitates his role of the secretary general.

Mr. Issa Sekito

Mr. Issa is the spokesperson of the association. He has several business projects in town under Kitto.

He brings with him a pragmatic and laser strategies focused on public communication and organization operations.

Dr. Gonsha Rehema
Dr. Gonsha Rehema
Board Member

She is a pharmacist by profession having more than 3 pharmacies around Kampala metropolitan areas.

Mr. Jemba Kanakulya Mulondo
Board Member

Mr. Jemba Kanakulya Mulondo is a board member in charge of security and Environment. He is also a director of Continental shipping and Logistics Company whose operations are International.

Mr. Mugisha Edrisa
Board Member

Mr. Mugisha Edrisa is a board member in charge of welfare

Mr. Mbuga Simeo
Founder Member

Mr. Mbuga simeo is among the founder members of the association. He is responsible for mobilization in the association.

Ms. Prossy Musoke
Board Member

Ms. Prossy Musoke, she is a board member. She also deals in electronics and electrical under the brand of Kena electronics ltd.

Mr. Abel Mwesigye
Mr. Abel Mwesigye
Chief Executive Officer

He heads all the daily management and operations of the Association. He brings so much business management and expertise from the Insurance sector, National chamber of commerce & Industry, and other Private organizations.