Chairman’s Message

Thadeus Musoke Nagenda

As KACITA-Uganda celebrates 20 years’ existence, On the behalf of the board of directors and business community as all, I congratulate you all on reaching this milestone.

KACITA Uganda has come a long way in advocating for rights of the business community in Uganda and beyond boarders basing on voluminous of strategies to support trader’s existence.

As you may be aware, KACITA’S journey takes us back in 2000 when a handful of energetic, intelligent

and strategic men led by Mr. Zziwa Livingstone came up with an idea of coming up with a unifying pressure group called KACITA through which to address challenges in the business community which idea has continued to grow and register significant milestones in addressing business community concerns.

I salute all those that formed KACITA’S board of directors of different regimes from the time of Mr.Zzwa as founder and pioneer chairperson of the association to my Predecessor now the late Everest Kayondo (RIP) who withered all the storms to keep the struggle alive for the 20years.

Above all I want to thank the traders in a special way for their enumerable support to KACITA Uganda through timely renewal of membership for the last 20 years which has enabled us remain steady fast on primary goals of fighting for their rights aimed at creating conducive environment for business community.

I and the board members of KACITA extend our appreciation to Our Development partners who have stood with us to support our struggles in various ways over the past 20yrs and continue to pledge support.


KACITA-Uganda has worked tirelessly with its key stakeholders to achieve positive living, learning and working outcomes for its business community through different Initiatives /projects.

As you may all recall, the theme of Government National Development Plan II is, “Strengthening Uganda’s Competitiveness for Sustainable Wealth Creation, inclusive Growth and Employment”. It is against this background that KACITA came up with projects like Agro- Business, cottage and production Unit, KACITA Women entrepreneur’s league, Youth entrepreneur’s league, and all intended to guide the business community and as an important vehicle for knowledge exchange, technology and innovation

development, research and investment transfer to significantly contribution to sustainable and efficient value addition production.

We have also partnered with   Stanbic Bank Uganda Limited to ease traders’ ability to source for goods from Asian markets as well as pay the stipulated taxes on the imported items. Under this arrangement, we expect to improve tax compliance, but the bigger aim is to help transform Uganda’s small and medium enterprises (SMEs).

The partnership will also provide some relief to traders as a result of disruptions in the global supply routes and their ability to source for goods and special trade accounts will be created at various branches of Stanbic Bank to cater for the traders’ requirements and at lower transaction charges as well as providing tax loans to qualifying customers in line with its lending criteria. Under this arrangement, already existing bank customers recommended by KACITA will qualify for unsecured loans not exceeding Shs 200 million.


Leveraging the use of technology. KACITA Uganda has now embraced the use technology to enhance and tap into the new immerging digital mode of doing business. Inevitably, Traders may not need to go through the hectic travel processes coupled with different challenges instead adopted to online


Communication, marketing and advertisement of Products have been eased and KACITA introduced

different digital platforms to business community to leverage the advantage.

Other traditional platforms like KACITA magazine ‘’the traders voice’’ are also up and running to offer a buffet of options to business community.

These platforms also provide an opportunity through which to give capacity building to our traders.

Social cooperate responsibility. Under this project, we collaborate with different stakeholders to advance a particular cause. We participate in Bulungi Bw’ansi to promote good health and other related issues.

Not to forget KACITA Bursary &Scholarships. Kacita-Uganda in conjunction with leading schools from Primary, Secondary and University levels is giving Bursaries and Scholarships as well as Scholastic


KACITA Uganda will continue enhancing development opportunities to help business community to

diversify and catch up with the competitiveness in this technology/ Digital era.


KACITA Uganda wouldn’t have succeeded without the support of our partners and we will be able to scale new heights and achieve better outcomes for business community with your continued support.

Through the support of government and other development partners will garner resources needed to

provide a holistic information for our business community. As KACITA, we promote meaningful and principled engagements with government and other stakeholders in policy formulation that are geared towards achieving a common goal of building people economy.


The growth of KACITA and its members mirrors the progressive improvement of our economy /GDP

that have been made in Uganda in the past years.

As the Ag. Chairman of KACITA Uganda, I’m picking from where my predecessor the fallen Everest Kayondo left KACITA in building up strong momentum to enhance desires of the business community.

I and the current board pledge to sustain this momentum and strengthen partnerships with stakeholder.

It’s on this note that I wish to specifically express my sincere gratitude to my predecessor who unfortunately succumbed to the Deadly COVID Pandemic that deprived him to be part of this notable event but it’s good that on his legacy we stand today and his immense contribution to the business community will forever be our impetus to stand firm on the primary core values of KACITA.

To Board members and the business community of different sectorial committees, Your Dedication towards the struggle and through your visionary foresight and by working in close partnership with all different stakeholders, KACITA has achieved significant growth over the years and many key milestones.

In conclusion, I wish to extend heartiest congratulations and best wishes to KACITA Board members, staff, business community and our stakeholders on your 20th Anniversary. Your journey is one of love and perseverance one that is traders centric which has transformed and widened Uganda’s tax base.

I am very confident that in years to come, KACITA will continue to push the boundaries to stay ahead of the curve to support the business community in growing our economy.

Our journey ahead continues to be one of exciting possibilities.

I wish KACITA family many more fruitful and successful years ahead.