C.E.O’s Message

Mr. Abel Mwesigye

As we come to the end of the year 2021 which has proved to be so unique, comprised of the new and deadly COVID 19 pandemic, a year involving a tight political season all which have posed great effect on the business community, we thank everyone who has verified and defied the negative forces of these factors and remain strong and sound.

It has been evidence that amidst such challenges, focused people look out for opportunities and this has been the same where people have adjusted their businesses to include transactions in COVID 19 related and demanded services.

These have included venturing into production of sanitizers, washing facilities, mask, medical suits, helmets, and those selling bicycles among others. Many have also changed business models including utilizing space outside the CBD to tap into population that no longer prioritize shopping from the CBD.

Most importantly, people have embraced the fact of business branding, promotion and marketing, to enable their business keep afloat. This has included wide use of the digital platform advertising and delivering including the publications under which KACITA Magazine talks.

We implore the business community to be creative and innovative for this will greatly enable us realize both survival and resilience of our businesses amidst all these factors.

Finally, I take this opportunity to remind the business community and the public at large that COVID

19 is real, it is increasing and it kills. The good news is that it is preventable.

How! Ensure you wear a mask at all times, sanitize or wash your hands always, keep social distance, and mind about boosting your immunity and void crowded areas.


For the current political season, I remind you that the season is temporary while business and life survival is a must. Exercising one’s  electoral rights doesn’t necessary mean practicing violence. Our businesses are our lives, lets value them and guard them jealously during this election period. Vote

wisely realize what you wish to see your society become.

For God and my country